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We only ask for testimonials when clients have had ample time to use the techniques that were trained, in the real world with real clients.

Only then are our clients qualified to share how effective and compelling our tactics are.

Sales Training Testimonials

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EOE - Photocopier and Printer Sales Client Testimonial

Partners Indemnity - Commercial Insurance

Partners Indemnity Client Testimonial

Liason College

Liason College Client Testimonial

Culinary Institute

Culinary Institute Client Testimonial

Retail - Mens Custom Clothier

Retail - Mens Custom Clothier Client Testimonial


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State Farm

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Voted Hands down the Best Sales Training in the industry by our clients

Many training companies ask for testimonials from clients as they are leaving the classroom and before they have had a chance to use their training in real-world situations.

Often, it is the managers' feedback that is solicited even though they are not the ones that attend or will be using the training.

At Real Results Sales Training, we want you to know that our techniques always work.

We only ask for testimonials when clients have had ample time to use the techniques that were trained, in the real world with real clients.

Only then are our trained clients qualified to share how effective and compelling our tactics are.


ITN Logistics

ITN Logistics Testimonial


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Manulife Testimonial

Real Estate

Real Estate Agent Testimonial

Rate Technology

Rate Technology Testimonial

  • I have been in the investment business for approximately 15 years and have seen a ton of sales training from some of the biggest companies out there. This is without a doubt the best sales training I have ever seen. Results are immediate and I am now signing the amount of new business EVERY MONTH that used to take quarterly or even 6 months to acquire. They give a full money back guarantee but nobody will ever need to redeem it because what they train works.
  • Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities
  • The training was fun and I am a lot more confident now in my work and know that I can help customers more. I have already benefited from the training that was taught and find that customers are very willing to give more information and I have been able to get customers to make a purchase by adding value and quality instead of discounting. I really liked the fact that the material was kept relevant to Daily Seafood, while learning things that would be applicable to any situation!
  • Sales Rep, Daily Seafood
  • I have been on countless sales training courses in the past when I was a manager with Rogers Communications. This Training is the first time I have experienced a true and very high ROI in terms of increased sales and is by far the best sales training I have ever experienced. I would endorse this to any company, telecom or otherwise.
  • Manager, Telecommunications Company
  • Real Results Sales Training techniques are amazing. After my first training session I was seeing business and sales in a different way, the right way.
  • Toronto Small Business Owner
  • Thought provoking. More concise and better than other courses the firm has offered in the past. All in all, very valuable sales techniques to increase business and income.
  • Manager, TD Waterhouse
  • No other training we have seen compares to the Real Results material on how to handle the whole process of selling from start to finish - The advice is raw and realistic the bad and the pretty of selling - It opened our eyes to the reality - when to be nice and when to be on point otherwise you may lose the sale. To identify when you are being pushy in a bad way and when you need to be pushy in a good way - the way that will get you to walk out of that meeting with a sale.
  • Toronto, Entreprenuer Group Association
  • I am shocked and amazed at how much my team has improved in such a short period of time. The team at Real Results has been able to breakdown and elaborate in simple and easy to understand terms of what a great salesperson does day in and day out. In just two (2) months we have increased productivity by 50%.
  • Manager, State Farm Insurance
  • We have been in business for many years and have had extensive sales training in the past. The results of this training speaks for itself. We increased our closing percentage by 100% (doubled) and our average sale increased by more than 25% in just six (6) weeks. The techniques are truly amazing and we highly recommend Real Results to any company.
  • Toronto, Apparel Company
  • We track statistics on everything and since the training all of our stats have increased. Our average sale price has increased by over 25%, and our closing percentage has increased by over 30%. Staff commissions have risen dramatically as a result.
  • Timeshare Company
  • I took significant amounts of training with the training "Guru's" in my industry when I started working as a Real Estate agent. Then I was introduced to Real Results Sales Training and can honestly say that nothing I have seen compares to the material that they train. In the eight (8) months prior to my training with Real Results I earned $20,000. In the eight (8) months after my training with Real Results I earned over $115,000. The material is so far superior to other training that there really is no comparison. I am a much better salesperson after the training and my recent pay cheques are a testament to that!
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Real Results Sales Training had a transformational impact on not only our business and sales results, but on the way I personally approach every single day. Their approach to selling is unique and their guarantee that it will work is real because it does work. I challenge anyone to do their research into sales coaches and you'll notice they all teach the same old thing. The Real Results personal approach and outstanding techniques, tips and tricks boosted our top line sales results over night. They did this simply by willing to share the selling techniques employed by the best sellers in the world and guiding you through implementing those same techniques into your business and sales people.
  • Sports Apparel Company
  • Real Results Sales Training looks outside the box. Don't compare this training to others because there is no comparison. Real Results Sales Training takes it to another level with their unique style and approach. The training has far exceeded all my expectations and my company's expectations. I would recommend this training because it works. I not only was able to retain all (100%) my clients during a time when we had substantial price increases but was also able to prospect and increase my client base and company sales. They guarantee increases in sales and all that I can say is, it works.
  • Sales Rep, Montcorr

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